The temporary exhibition of Roberto Matta is extended

The exhibition “Matta. Immersed in his worlds”, currently in the Museo Ralli Marbella, is extended until April 27, 2019.  

A total of 32 works by the Chilean artist, in which we shall see the engraver facet of this artist.

Matta worked with different artistic techniques and became involved in an endless list of proposals and movements, both in Europe and America. In his engravings, Matta illustrates historical events, myths of the Inca, Greco-Latin or Etruscan traditions, as well as literary texts and poems written by both contemporary and ancient writers in a free and personal manner.

He takes us on a journey from the Arauco War—where the Mapuche people fought against the conquest of the Spanish people—, Pre-Columbian myths and traditions, towards the new discoveries, science, the passing of time and spaces, tradition against new forms and languages, to new works represented by Roberto Matta. The invisible made visible.

Visit “Matta. Immersed in his worlds” for more information.