Surrealism and magical realism in Latin America

Low level. Halls 6, 7 y 8

Surrealism and magical realism are both artistic movements that stand out within the Ralli Collection due to the number of works and the quality of the artists. These were also extremely relevant movements in Latin American art, and they continue developing today.

Now accustomed to the colour and size of works by Latin American artists, we can find in these halls the added sense of the magical aura that envelops the characters and scenes in the artworks included within this movement.

In Julio Silva, Luis Solari and Emilio Ortiz’s art we can discover worlds replete with magical creatures.

As representatives of Latin American Surrealism in these halls, we find Rodolfo Opazo, Mario Toral, Manuel Chong Neto and Jorge Ortigueira, with artworks that explore the human subconscious and seek to be an almost ironic reflection of reality.