Temporary exhibition Beryl Cook, Engravings


Beryl Cook
England, 1926 -2008

Dining out, 1995

Ed. 45/300
69 x 69 cm

Ralli Collection


Art and humor, with own style

Naif artist, self-taught, she started her artistic career in the sixties.

Her works, which are not identified with any particular style, portray huge colorful funny characters. She has the gift of drawing attention to our funny human foibles and the amusing things in life.

Beryl Cook creates her works from daily life, funny situations and her extensive travels. The figures on her pictures and situations are so human, that it is impossible to resist the underlying humor of her paintings.


  • Beryl Cook Inglaterra
    (England, 1926-2008)
    "Joggers on the hoe", 1985
  • Beryl Cook Inglaterra
    (England, 1926-2008)
    "Bus Stop", 2006
  • Beryl Cook Inglaterra
    (England, 1926-2008)
    "Nathans", 1987