PERFORMANCE, Paloma Biyú (“La Kavra”)

Intervención Museo 19

Within the proposals from the “La Kavra” Art Collective

July 25 at 12:00 p.m.

A collective performance by members of the “La Kavra” art collective, devised and directed by Paloma Biyú.

Artists taking part will present their personal creative work, showing their own history or vision of their inner experience, whether real or imagined, during lockdown.

Actresses: Inma Lafuente / Rosa Cirera / Esperanza Méndez / Liliana Martínez  /Laura González/ Paloma Biyú

Music: Carlos Cáceres

Special collaboration: Clarence Carlampio y distintos artistas plásticos del grupo «La Kavra»

Idea and direction: Paloma Biyú