Marbella Ralli Museum


Ralli Museum in Marbella

The Ralli Museum in Marbella hosts one of the largest collections of Latin American art in Europe, and it is complemented by the permanent collection of European art. The ten exhibition rooms show the different avant-garde movements that took place in both continents through various artists from different countries and styles, and with the particular presence of Surrealism from Europe and Latin America.

The collection of the Ralli Museum Marbella

The Ralli Museum Marbella Collection is formed by pictorial work with the majority of the works being large engravings and sculptures. Along with the permanent collection, the temporary exhibitions widen the exhibition offer, highlighting specific artists or mouvements.

Founded by Mr. Harry Recanati in 2000, the Ralli Museum in Marbella has dedicated already two decades to the dissemination of Latin American art outside its borders, this being one of the main objectives for all the Ralli Museums.

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